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In the 1930's Wally Ware began business as a "General Engineer" working from home in the Adelaide suburb of Kensington Gardens. His work included motor repairs for the surrounding garages and significant work for the local suppliers of washing machines, refrigeration and gas appliances. He made fishing reels for Leo Johnson, a retailer in Adelaide, marine motors, in fact anything that presented itself.

Wally's father, Bertram, worked at Stonyfell Winery nearby and naturally Wally did repairs for them. Other wineries sought him out and he began designing and supplying quality components to them from his small backyard workshop. Gradually, the greater part of his work was for the wine industry.

In the early 1960's, stainless steel was a relatively new material and Wally saw the benefit of its hygienic properties for use in the wine industry. He began using stainless steel to replace the usual bronze and other materials used that came into contact with the wine.

Many innovative products initiated in those early days are still made and used in the industry today.

In 1985, local council regulations forced him to relocate to an industrial area in Hackham, south of Adelaide. He then retired handing the company over to his daughter, Marjorie. In 1992 the company moved again, this time to Newton, north east of Adelaide, where it is located today.

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